Thursday, March 19, 2009

Transporting the Prez

Here's a great photo of the current presidential limo, which is apparently referred to as "the beast".

The car door looks a foot thick!.

For his appearance on Jay Leno, NBC had to build a special structure so the Secret Service could drive the limo right up next to the stage.  The existing structure would have collapsed from the "tons" of weight.

It looks kind of swank.
In fact it's a tank.

But it lacks the cool feel
of the real Batmobile.


Charlie McDanger said...

Linked you today on the poker blog. Still enjoying your stuff!

JohnJEnright said...

Thank you, Charlie! Now, if I could just play poker half as well as you!

Charlie McDanger said...

Then you'd be half as broke!

anna said...

wait, John, did you have to go to the Ryan Seacrest blog page to get that pic of obama's car?

JohnJEnright said...

Anna, yes, exactly.