Monday, November 07, 2011

Launch Pad Casting Workshop

My friend, Lance Brett Hall, has an enterprise he calls the Launch Pad Casting Workshop. It's aimed at helping actors with the audition process, which, from what I hear, has a tendency to drive actors crazy.
The anxiety going into an audition is matched only by the uncertainty afterward. Did I get the point across? What did they see?

Imagine if you could just ask, and know you were getting an honest, straightforward opinion.

Here's your chance.

Every actor at a Launch Pad Casting Workshop has the chance to receive feedback about their performance.

Feedback is focused on the casting professionals' actual criteria they use in auditions.
An actress friend of mine, who took the class, raved about it.

As for me, I'm kind of limited in the audition department. I've done it, but rarely, and I'm not all that experienced an actor. I don't even have a current headshot. I don't even have a monologue memorized right now. That's how unprepared an actor I am.

But if you're the kind of actor who wants to master the audition process, this workshop may be for you. And they have one scheduled for Monday, December 5th.

I guess I could make up a monologue,
just ramble on freestyle and claim it was written by "J. Henry Bogg"!

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