Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talking 'Bout My Generation

I'm taking an interest in these anti-boomer rants that keep popping up. I kind of like them, in a masochistic way. Walter Mead starts out like this:
“Talkin’ about my generation”: the Who song once expressed the hope and self confidence of the Baby Boomers as they reached biological if not emotional maturity. It was an attack on the older generation, a defense of the young, but it includes an ominous refrain: “Hope I die before I get old.” Already, perhaps, the shadow of generational failure hung over the twenty something Boomers.
First off, Pete Townsend, who wrote the song, was born in 1945. Not a boomer. Close, but not quite.

Next up, the song was released in 1965. The first boomers were born in 1946. No boomers were "twenty something" in 1965.

Mead is a boomer himself. Born in 1952. He grew up without calculators... so why can't he do the math?

I think it's a case of boomer self-hate.
Love yourself, Mead, it's not too late!
Instead of being masochistic,
wouldn't you like to be narcissistic?

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