Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post Mortem, Part Two

I was happy with our 2 performances last night. It came out crisp, chilling, funny, and suspenseful.

It was directed by Alexis Randolph, whose philosophy of theater makes sense to me:
I have lost count how many times mentors and fellow artists have reminded me to "Keep it simple, stupid". And they are right, because what it all really boils down to are those three simple words: tell a story.
I wrote for 3 actresses: Rhiannon Ross, Steph Garrett, and Avery Ferguson. Each was compelling, and they projected a wonderful sense of relationship - which was good, because they were playing 2 daughters and a mother.

I had seen on Garret's resume that she had a background in puppetry, which led me to write lines for one more character - a dog puppet carried around by her character:

I saw she had a background in show tunes, too. So I gave the dog a little poem to sing. Somehow she came up with a melody and let that little dog really belt those verses out. That's the kind of thing where you write something into a script that you know is an opportunity for a person with the right talents. And it paid off.

Thank you, director and cast,
watching your work was a blast.

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