Friday, November 11, 2011

Subway Station Knockout Video

Here's a cellphone video of a young man knocking out an older man on a subway platform, here in Chicago. Police are searching for the young man.

I cannot tell why the young man hit him. I cannot understand most of the recorded speech, even though the sound quality is pretty good. Partly this is because someone has bleeped out the obscenities. I believe the old man is panhandling, asking for change.

I *think* at the end I can hear this exchange:

Woman: "Who was he?"
Puncher: "He homeless, man!"
Admirer: "Laid his ass out."

My ears are not good enough
to decipher all this stuff.

UPDATE: Apparently the video was uploaded to a site called, a site I am not recommending on its merits, but sound quality is better there. Also, the comments there are interesting, in a very raw, frequently racist and often obscene way. Some people believe they know who the perpetrator is, but police are having trouble finding the victim. It's a lot easier to press charges if you have a victim who will testify.

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