Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Auditioning for Urinetown

I auditioned for a local production of Urinetown tonight. I was really hesitant, it being a musical and all, and me being very uncertain of my singing ability. The audition was singing 2 pages from "Don't Be The Bunny". They handed 4 of us guys the sheet music for the song. I can't really read music. I mean, I know a quarter note from a whole note, and higher notes from lower notes, but I cannot actually make out the tune just from the sheet music.

So, while I was sitting and waiting, I brought up the song on YouTube and started listening to it over and over on my earphones, so I could learn the melody. Then I threw myself into the song for audition and got a couple of laughs.

They cast me in a part. I haven't figured out anything about the part yet, because I haven't read or seen the show yet.  But tonight we learned the choral parts for a song called "Privilege to Pee".

When it comes to music, I'm not a whiz
and so I say
it really is
a privilege to play.

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