Saturday, March 08, 2014

Easier Said Than Done

Some weeks back I read a column - linked by a Facebook friend - full of recommendations on how to get more people to attend live theater.

Among the standout recommendations: stop doing Shakespeare and start serving alcohol.

As for Shakespeare, I suspect he still attracts people to the theater. I've attended a bunch of his plays, and he usually has a decent audience. That's impressive considering his obscure vocabulary.

As for alcohol, the columnist realized that there are serious legal obstacles to serving it, but he waved his hand and said something like, "Do what you have to do. Violate the law. Whatever."

Easier said than done. I know someone who runs a small theater space who just "got busted" for serving alcohol without a license. It's a shoestring operation. I don't imagine they have the resources needed to acquire a license to serve wine or beer here in the city.

Trying to adhere to: "Break the law - Whatever!"
Can interfere with your endeavor.

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