Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fitbit Force

My Fitbit Force
wants a divorce!

I've enjoyed it - it was a great Christmas gift from my son - but 17 out of a 1000 users are complaining about developing a skin rash from it. So they're recalling it.

It looks like they officially issued the recall a month ago, but I just got my notice today. Maybe they had trouble tracking me down because I was a gift recipient, not an actual purchaser. But I'm a registered user, so they finally got to me.

Yesterday there was news of a possible class action lawsuit. "After thousands of users report skin irritation from using the health tracker bracelet, some are itching for a lawsuit."

I'm a bit hesitant. I hadn't had any rash problems. On the other hand, I have sensitive skin, and a number of annoying allergies, so I may be just the sort of person to eventually develop a rash. So maybe I should turn it in.

I don't mean to be rash,
and I don't want to bash,
but I think that maybe I'll take the cash.

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