Saturday, July 26, 2014


Today, one of the lifeguards at the pool was recruiting me for a big Masters Swimming competition put on by the Chicago Park District in January. I was flattered. I don't think I'm very fast. At triathlons, I am never in the lead pack. But he saw I could swim all 4 racing strokes, and I think he wants me to do Individual Medley. Maybe it's hard to get 60-year-olds to swim butterfly. Actually, that's the stroke he thinks I should work on improving. He gave me a drill to do. Butterfly was the last stroke I learned - in my forties I think - and I guess I've still got some learning to do!

I remember paying for individual lessons, one on one. Butterfly is just the sort of thing I have trouble learning - a complex set of simultaneous steps. If I overthink it, I get analysis paralysis. At least until I practice a lot.

Hopefully, if I practice his drill,
soon my butterfly will kill.

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