Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Six Californias

There's a proposal, which is getting publicity, to split California into 6 separate states.

'The quixotic effort, spearheaded by venture capitalist Tim Draper, needs officials to deem at least 807,615 of those signatures valid in order to qualify for the November 2016 election.'

Besides being voted on by the Californians themselves... it needs to get through the U.S. Congress.

Perhaps it would be better for Californians. Perhaps their state is too big to manage right now. It would also have some national political impact, inevitably. The area now known as just-plain-California would have 12 U.S. senators instead of 2.

And it would have 10 more electoral votes. But presumably the whole area wouldn't always go for the same presidential candidate.

Finally, someone needs to figure out how to put 55 stars on the flag.

Anticipating success from California's fracturers,
I'm investing in flag manufacturers.

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