Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Door Shut Behind Him

It's the kind of situation where someone with a medical condition could have a serious problem:

"A man who came to visit his son was accidentally trapped inside an empty maximum security visiting area of Cook County Jail for about 30 hours over the weekend, authorities said on Tuesday."

His son had been moved. He thought he was following directions. But went into the wrong room and a door shut behind him. And it's a room that's not used on the weekends. So no one checked it... and no one could hear him banging on the "concrete door".

30 hours?

Finally, he came up with a solution that worked.

'"Brilliantly, he broke the sprinkler head off which alerted the fire department so they were able to identify where it was coming from and they went in and found him," Smith said.'

In case, by some mistake,
I'm ever in that boat,
I'm making a carfeul note
About the right thing to break.

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