Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back In The Saddle

Today was the "free day" - free of lectures! So I quit the company of my fellows, and did what romantic poets are supposed to do: commune with nature.

Nature responded by drenching me with wonderful thunderstorms. Twice.

I did my communing on a mountain bike. No poet of yore owned such a contraption, but I believe that Lord Byron would have approved.

I took a trail from Ashland, MD to York, PA. It's about 82 miles round trip.

Half way back, just after 6 PM, I realized that my back tire had gone flat.

Fortunately, I had just passed a bicycle shop with an "OPEN" sign.

The lady of the shop took a look. It turned out my tire had a thorny problem. Literally. 2 of them.

Thorns are Mother Nature's spears.
I saved them both as souvenirs.
She tried to nail me, but she failed.
Technology, again, prevailed.


Ergo said...

*gasp* an 82 mile bikeride!? On a whim!?? You amaze me!

JohnJEnright said...

Ergo, actually I researched the ride in advance, back when I was in Chicago. But it was quite the adventure! Next time I will plan better. I just have to pack a tire repair kit.