Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From Business To Romanticism

More talks to attend!
Talks without end!

William Kline talked about Business Ethics and Objectivism. I came in late, but I got this part:

In Ayn Rand's moral theory,
As you probably knew all along,
Rights violations are merely
A subset of ethical wrongs.

It was onto Tibor Machan, calling for: No Taxation With Or Without Representation.

He says if you study the facts,
That Robin Hood
Was actually good,
Since he was just taking back
Funds that had been wrongly taxed.

Then I ran out to rent a bicycle, so I missed a class.

Then Fred Stitt gave a lecture
On gothic architecture
With its beautiful well-lit spaces.
(Disregard the gargoyle faces!)

Then I attended a talk by my wife
Who talked about the project which, to my knowledge,
Has taken over her life:
A new college

Finally, I went to see Lindsay Hardman, who talked about the Romantic era in painting, with a great set of slides.

If Romantic art history
Seems like a mystery,
It's too bad you didn't attend,
Because now you would comprehend,
Or at least experience improvement
In your grasp of this complex movement!

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