Monday, July 16, 2007

Recreation of Quotations Past

The St. John's College magazine, the current one with J.S. Bach on the cover, (warning:pdf) has a quote from Ayn Rand featured on page 23, but it's attributed to Marcel Proust. Someone else pointed it out to me a while back.

It's her definition of art. Try googling: proust "metaphysical value judgments"

You will get a lot of hits. Proust has become Objectivist in his theory of art, in retrospect.

I suspect someone credited Proust
To give the quotation a boost.


Mahendra said...

This is alarming! Thanks for pointing it out.

(I discovered you through Ergo's blog).

JohnJEnright said...

You're very welcome, and this kind of hoax happens sometimes. There's a famous case where a column by a journalist in Chicago (Mary Schmich) got attributed to Kurt Vonnegut and then spread like wildfire under his name.

Ergo's got a great blog!