Saturday, July 14, 2007

Live Rhyming Friday the 13th

This morning started out with Walter Donway, speaking on "Poetry: the Supreme Romantic Art Form". In his abstract, he staked out the position that "the medium of poetry is meter".

What could be sweeter
Than deeply felt meter?

Stephen Hicks addressed "The Fate of Art under Capitalism".

The historical record
May be somewhat checkered,
But for the most part,
Markets make for great art.

Jason Walker tackled "Photography as a Selective Recreation of Reality".

Is taking a photograph...
Art or simply craft?

Or could it be half and half?

Fred Stitt spoke on "The Life and Work of Frank Lloyd Wright".

Confined within his spaces, I feel free.
Mr. Wright is quite all right with me.

Finally, wrapping things up with a bang, Thor Halverson talked about "Making Pro-Liberty Films".

Truth may emerge from dry tomes,
But movies make it hit home.

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