Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nothing But Blue Sky

I'm not really sure I ever get the so-called runners high. But sometimes, after running for hours on a nice day. the colors all seem to get brighter.

It's like a laundry detergent commercial for the world: the sky is bluer, the grass greener, the flowers brighter.

I'm not going to claim it makes long-distance running worthwhile. But it's an exquisite experience.

Achy and dazed
As feet pound the ground,
Amazed by beauty
All around.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of achy, I somehow managed to injure my right thigh (I'm thinking my quad) in the last couple of weeks. I could still run on it (ran a 22:11 5K a week ago Saturday, and a nice 12 miles the next day), but it hurt. So I took a week off to give it a rest. I have been suffering from runner's downer - I'm feeling blue as a result. Feels better today, so maybe tomorrow...


JohnJEnright said...

Yeah, once you get used to a certain amount of running, you definitely get blue when you cut back a lot. But you do want to be careful, since it's so easy to get injured during marathon training!