Monday, July 23, 2007

Hard to Believe

Quick - what famous American leader was killed by a nutty Communist?

Did you answer John Kennedy?

There's a guy who has a new book out claiming that liberals just couldn't handle that truth. He argues that the Kennedy assassination caused "cultural disorientation," which in turn led to the campus radicalism of the late Sixties.

I agree that a lot of people wanted a different villain for this piece. Preferably one with right-leaning politics.

But, so far, I can't see the basic line of causality here. Isn't it simpler just to say that the Left's sympathy with the "ideals of communism" was sufficient cause for both: 1) preferring a right-wing villain, and 2) desiring a cultural revolution?

Allegedly the killer was a commie,
So disbelieving liberals went balmy
Leading to a cultural tsunami.

That's his theory.
Color me leery.

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